Design Loads



Based on our proven track record and highest quality standards, Gold Roof Pre-fabricated Steel Structures comprising light gauge cold formed sections are designed based on limits laid out by GoP, ERRA, NesPak and local/international bodies for all anticipated loads during the life of the structure and at least cater for the following:

Dead Loads

It comprises the self weight of structural frame, sheeting, false ceiling, Insulation and other supporting members.

Live Loads

The live load on the roof will not be less than 0.72 kN/m2 (15 psf)

Wind Loads

Wind load according to UBC-97 with following parameters:
Basic Wind Speed (V) = 160 Km/hr
Exposure Category = C
Importance Factor (I) = 1.0

Earthquake Loads

Earthquake Loads according to the UBC-97 Provisions with following parameters
Seismic Zone Factor (Z) = 0.4
Soil Profile Type = SD
Importance Factor (I) = 1.0

Temperature Loads

Yearly maximum and minimum temperature variations are as follows.
Minimum Ambient Temperature = -10oC
Maximum Ambient Temperature = +45oC

Snow Loads

The snow loads not less than1.45 kN/m2 (30 psf) unless site specific snow load values are available from a reliable source.

Load Combinations

All load combinations will conform to Uniform Building Code (UBC-97).