Quality & Standards



As specified by the GoP, ERRA, NesPak and local/international bodies engaged in the deployment of such structures in Pakistan our prefabricated structures along with their foundations are at least designed in accordance with the following codes and standards:

Except where any other specifications are particularly provided by the contractor or may be deemed mandatory by our structural and technical staff, all materials, plant fabrication and testing thereof conforms to the latest applicable standards and specifications. Additionally the structural elements of a building will also comply with the following standards.


Structural Steel Components

All structural framing components will conform to ASTM A635 or equivalent hot dipped galvanized (G60 coating, complying with ASTM C955 and ASTM A653) with thickness and grade as required by structural design calculations.

Reinforcing Steel

The reinforcing steel used in foundations or other reinforced concrete structural members will conform to ASTM A615 Grade 40 having a minimum yield strength of 40000 psi. Reinforcement will be free from all loose or flaky rust and mill scale, or coating, including Ice and any other substances that would reduce or destroy the bond.


Plain & Reinforced Concrete

The reinforced concrete will have minimum compressive cylinder strength of 3000 psi at 28 days. The blinding concrete used under the foundations and elsewhere will have minimum compressive cylinder strength of 1500 psi at 28 days.


Exterior/Interior Walls

For the exterior walls cladding, non-asbestos fiber-cement boards conforming to ASTM C1186 or Steel GI Colored Sheet will be used. The panels will be installed on both sides of the structural members and the space in between will be filled with Expended Polystyrene Insulation with vapor barrier having a maximum thermal conductivity of 0.04 W/mK. All panels will be finished with best quality paint of approved quality and specifications. Pre-painted boards of approved specifications may also be used. Water proofing will be provided for all wet areas. The vertical and horizontal joints between fiber-cement boards will be made water tight using aesthetically pleasing materials and details.


Roof Coverings

Trapezoidal galvanized steel sheet (minimum thickness =gauge 22) will be used for the roof covering. Other better alternatives duly supported by technical data and design calculations may also be acceptable.



Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF) or similar panels will be used as ceiling or Polyurethane based surface coating will be used to paint inner surfaces of false ceiling. In general Expended Polystyrene Insulation at least 50mm with vapor barrier will be used for thermal insulation of the roof.


Windows & Glazing

All windows will be of u-PVC, with 6mm (minimum) glass will be used for glazing. Double glass single swing or sliding windows will be provided.



Single/double leaf doors comprising aluminum frame and EPS Sandwich panels or better alternatives as approved by the Engineer will be provided. Aluminum doors may be used in wet areas e.g. bathrooms etc.


Plumbing Works

This includes providing all material and equipment and performing all the work necessary for the complete execution (jointing, clamping, cleaning, painting etc both above and under ground and embedded in walls), and completion including testing and commissioning of all systems of plumbing works. Contractor will get all water supply and drainage systems including fittings and fixtures approved by Engineer before installation.


Electrical Works

All material and lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, exhaust fans etc. will be procured and fixed as patented by the manufacturer by using best quality fixtures and other accessories as approved by the Engineer. Testing and commissioning of all systems of electrical works will be as directed by the Engineer. Contractor will get all the electrification system including fittings and fixtures approved by the Engineer before installation.

These are the general standards fallowed at Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd but may vary depending on the specifics needs of a contracting party.