Project Development Cycle



Due to their easy transportability and quick deployment, apart from being adopted for conventional or any special purpose use these structures are specially suited for area where there is a need for rapid deployment, description of especially in disaster zone which is affected by a natural catastrophe. This application of such structures was very well demonstrated after the earthquake of October 08, 2005 has brought wide spread destruction in five Districts of North West Frontier Province, namely Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram, Kohistan and Shangla, and four districts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, namely Muzaffarabad, Neelum, Bagh & Poonch. Besides causing large scale damages/destruction in other fields, it has also severely damaged/destroyed running educational institutions comprising primary, middle, high, higher secondary schools, colleges and universities in almost all affected districts. Much work has been done in reconstruction of all such basic infrastructure using the method outlined here.

A usual pre-fabricated project Contract comprises of the design, manufacture, supply and installation of light gauge cold formed pre-engineered structure and remedying of any defects therein. Added with the provisions of all labor, materials, equipments, plant and everything whether of the temporary or permanent nature required in and for such execution, completion and remedying of defects so far as the necessity for providing the same is specified or can reasonably are inferred from the Project Contract.

At Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd the structures with all their accessories are designed, manufactured, shipped and erected by personal, who are specialists in their respective fields. Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd also supplies and installs all other items which are necessary for proper completion of the works/Facilities. The maximum weight of the parts of the buildings are designed to assemble by manpower only and are light enough to be easily handled by the local labor. The structure is designed in modular form for any changes in future.


Major Steps of a Project

A normal pre-fabricated structure project will be undertaken in following distinct tasks:

Here it must be mentioned that these mentioned tasks are just a rough outline of a general project they may very from project to project and contract related to it.