Key Benefits of EPS Construction




Concrete and Pre-Fabricated Construction

One of the basic bench marks that need to be test for any kind of construction is to compare it with conventional concrete structures. The table below gives such a comparative summary of the features of both construction methods.

Pre-Fabricated Buildings

Concert Buildings

•    Low Per ft2 Cost

•    Equivalent Weather Protection

•    Easy Transport to Any Area

•    High Quake Resistance up to 8.5 on Richter Scale on Standard Construction

•    Can be Erected in a Day After Shipment

•    Transferability
•    High Per ft2 Cost

•    Weather Protection

•    Difficult to Construct in Remote Areas

•    Lower Quake Resistance (to improve resistance major cost addition)

•    Longer Construction Duration

•    Longer Life-span

EPS Panel General Features

All the detailed features about the EPS Sandwich panels will be discussed in the Products section, but some of the general features of EPS Panels are: