Prefabrication of Mass Housing and Structures



Sandwich panels are typically single piece, modular factory engineered units comprising two metal faces and a fully insulating core. The metal facings are fully bonded to the core so that the panel acts compositely when under load, in most cases, providing free standing panels. Facings used for insulated panels are predominantly of steel. The insulating core is typically bonded to the facings using a conventional adhesive bond. If other than EP, the core material is usually a material that provides good thermal insulation properties. The panels are typically manufactured on a continuous production line.

The following generic core material types are often used in Sandwich Panel:

Up till now our company has been using Expanded Polystyrene and Polyurethane as core insulation material for construction of following type of solutions:


Mass Housing

Using the sandwich panels, appropriately designed conduits and steel ribbings, a house can be built in one day on top of a pre-cured foundation. As pre-fabricated components are lightweight, house components can be transported to congested sites with relative ease, assembled and be completed in one day. This building approach had been proven efficient and low cost in the earthquake rehabilitation demands of AJK.


School Buildings

School building and construction is made easy, fast and economical using the pre-fabrication technology where the sandwich panel is the key construction component.
Given the modular character of school buildings, the structure can be assembled in two days on top of a pre-cured foundation.


Basic Health Units

Like schools, the BHUs (basic health units) have universal design. It being so, constructing it in mass poses little challenge to the company.


Cold Storages

Due to the efficient thermal character of the sandwich panels, it is ideal for use in cold storage plants. It being modular, pre-fabrication of components makes the enterprise cost-efficient.


Exhibition and Store Stalls

Putting up the stalls for the purposes of product exhibition or permanent showcase.


Work Stations and Paneling

With the emergence of environment problems, wood, wood boards and wood flinches used as work station materials and paneling are considered passť. The use of sandwich panels is an environmentally viable alternative.