The Work Force



The work force at Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd consists of both Pakistani and Chinese technical/operational staff. This very highly qualified work force is engaged in the following key work areas of the company:



The role of these architects is to develop ideas and solutions to EPS panel systems used in conjunction with active risk management striking the right balance, between form and function when specified for manufacturing, cold storage, food-processing facilities and a range of other controlled environment building applications. Providing the most suitable designs based on above consideration only can ensure the desired result that Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd. strives for.


Production Personal

Quality and safety is one of the main concerns that need to be addressed when it comes to delivering the best construction solutions based on steel and EPS. This quality process starts at a very early stage in the initial production/manufacturing process. In essence these production personal are the back bone of Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd, these are the people that differentiate our company from rest of the market in terms of Pre-fabricated construction solutions.


Safety Personal

Key functional activities of these staff involve active fire detection and protection measures are a critical part of risk management in all buildings as is the early intervention of the local fire services. Understanding the structural and fire behavior properties of building systems is what fire protection professionals are trained to do.


Structural Engineer

The composite action of the EPS Panel delivers the high span to weight capabilities typical of a lightweight construction system. Installation recommendations, flowing from the recent amendments to the ERRA Codes, further enhance EPS panel structures. This is the part where our structural engineers play their vital roll.



The risk/return trade-off can make or break a project. Investment in using EPS panels correctly can mean the difference between a profitable venture or otherwise. Ultimately, the use of EPS panel in a development is a commercial decision over the lifetime of the project.



When installed the correct way, the EPS Panel System is one of the fastest and lightest wall and ceiling system to erect. Our builders always ensure that our company vision and slogan upheld above any other financial or material gain that is “quality first, paramount consideration to clients”.

The responsible use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panel systems in buildings requires the upfront input of all the players in the construction process – the risk management panel. From property developers, architects, structural and fire engineers to specifies and fire prevention professionals, they all work to understand and minimize risk. Optimizing building design for all the contingent hazards is something they all know about, they deal with risk everyday.