Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd Operational Capabilities



Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd has highly advanced capabilities like building and assembling, development of houses, construction inspection, production of parts, building trimming, building roads and bridges, base pilling, manufacture of machines, materials test, scientific researching, surveying and designing, educational training, it can provide building companies with services like surveying, designing, constructing.

The company is a market leader in manufacturing prefabricated panels. In China our partner company has 10,000 sq meters production per day production capacity. Where as at our Pakistan production facility we can produce 2,000 sq meters per day normal production is expected in Pakistan. We can increase our production up to 6,000 sq meters per day by using three shifts. This is the extent of the annual housing market in Pakistan which positively predicts a permanent growth in construction sector which directly adds to the potential in prefabricated building homes, schools, and hospitals.

Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd is established with the vision to carry out the business of prefabricated sandwiches panels, its production, marketing, importing, transporting. Converting, distribution, supplying, and dealing in all others forms of pre-fabricated sandwiches panels and product or services associated therewith and of promoting the conservation and efficient use and to perform all other acts which is necessary or incidental to the business of pre-fabricated sandwiches panels. Our enterprise always keeps to its purpose of “quality first, paramount consideration to clients”.