Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd Introduction



Gold Roof (Private) is a Limited Company. Established in 2005 and converted in to a limited company in 2007. Gold Roof is currently working in collaboration with many local and international companies, having operational collaboration with:

Gold Roof has expertise in pre-fabricated construction solutions and sandwich panels; its production, marketing, importing, transforming, distribution and supply. Gold Roof also aims at venturing into the renewable energy sector, mainly solar and wind turbine energy production, as well as high-yield crop technologies for the agriculture sector of Pakistan.

Currently Gold Roof (Private) Limited produces most of its final construction solutions in Pakistan at its fully automated production facility in Hattar Industrial Area. Most of the raw material is imported from China. Most of the material produced by Gold Roof is currently used by different organizations in Pakistan that are working in Earth Quake affected Areas. Gold Roof production plant in Pakistan and its partner Jiangsu First Construction Company in China are collectively engaged in production, supply and installation of Pre-Fabricated materials. In order to ensure timely supply that matches the local market demand, Gold Roof partners in China have a production capacity of 10,000 m2 per day. The Pakistan plant has a normal capacity of 2,000 m2 per day, which can increase up to 6,000 m2 per day by employing three shifts. Our company at present has a maximum production of 16,000 m2 per day.

During its operations in Pakistan Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd has achieved many benchmarks and currently itís by far the largest company engaged in pre-fabricated construction sector. Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd has been working for international organizations/bodies/joint ventures like:

Working with these reputed international organizations Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd has not only provided expert advice, but also project feasibilities, logistics management, material supply, pre-fabricated manufacturing, designing, site studies/preparation and project execution. Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd is a dynamic organization capable of undertaking any kind of pre-fabricated project right from the project conception to final execution.

Apart from working for the above international bodies Gold Roof (Pvt) Ltd has also been working with Pakistan based enterprises like:

Construction sector has registered a growth rate of around 7 percent during last two years. Housing and construction is one of the major drivers of growth in more than 40 allied industries and directly adds to the Prefabricated Construction homes industry. The need of prefabricated blocks across the country will soon be realized as a viable option in near future. Various construction and real estate development projects are in progress and are continuously being commissioned which will have high demand of prefabricated construction material all over the country. In order to make up the backlog and meet the shortfall in the next 20 years, overall housing construction industry has to be raised to the level of 500,000 housing units per annum. This is the extent of the annual housing market in Pakistan which positively predicts a permanent growth in construction sector which directly adds to the potential in prefabricated building homes. Massive construction in the public sector especially in earthquake area also contributes to the acceleration in construction sector and the quantum of work will continue at least for the next two to three years at the same pace which surely predicts a great investment opportunity in the proposed business.